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Buy or rent touchscreens - for interactive digital sigange. Reach more customers more effectively at points of sale, shopping windows, trade shows, events and public spaces.

Interactive touch screens, monitors & tvs

Professional touch screen monitors and tvs for interactive digital signage: information and entertainment for POS and POI, healthcare, hospitality and public spaces.

Interactive touch steles: indoor & outdoor

Professional touch steles for interactive digital signage in public spaces: various models and sizes, indoor & outdoor.

Interactive touch terminals & kiosk systems

Professional touch terminals and kiosk systems for interactive digital signage, entertainmant and information: interfaces for barcodes and qr-tags for your interactive shopping experience!

Interactive touch tables

Robust touch tables with interactive surface of various size and shape: Amaze your customers with interactive table systems.

Interactive shop windows

Expand your retail space at point of sale even after closing with interactive shop window displays. For example, customers can be informed about special offers, brands and products.

Transparent touchscreens

Experience the product presentation of the future today: Present interactive digital information on a virtual level while the product is simultaneously visible inside the showcase behind the transparent touchscreen.

Touch frames, foils & overlays

With infrared touch frames, capacitive PCAP foils and overlays you transform regular lcd displays into interactive multitouch screens.

Interactive signage media player

From high-performance to ultra-compact mini PCs as media player for all digital signage systems and touchscreens.

B2B Touchscreen AppStore

Interactive Digital Signage with touchscreen tvs and monitors in XXL: Reach customers more effectively at point of sale, public spaces, via shop windows, at trade shows and events.

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Free consultation

We are pleased to support you with free consultation and an individual offer - for your successful interactive digital signage project.

About Us

What has been successfully established on smartphones and tables, eyefactive brings to tables and walls in large scale: unlimited multitouch technology on seamless displays in any size and shape, combined with innovative multiuser software available through the world's first b2b appstore.

For effective marketing as interactive digital signage solutions in public spaces, at points of sale & information, trade shows and events as well as collaborative teamwork in companies.

We change the way how people interact with computers: together!

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